Each project includes the time, money and valuable human resources.

To open a successful medical business, you do not need to have the education of an architect, engineer, economist – just contact us.

Medical Constructor offers a wide range of services to create a medical institution of any specialization. Our team takes responsibility for the organization of the business process, beginning from the creation of the business model and ending with the commissioning of the facility. As a result, you receive a fully staffed medical institution operating in accordance with international standards. The institution you dreamed about.

The creation of a medical institution consists of the following stages:

  • Strategic planning
  • Concept-project
  • Design
  • Building supervision
  • Equipment
  • Staff training
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How to properly assess the market or analyze a huge array of technical and commercial information? An effective communication between the customer and the executor is necessary to ensure communication between the responsible persons in order to achieve the goals.

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Each project includes the time, money and valuable human resources. We need to be sure that the investment objectives are determined on the basis of the correct benchmarks, and do not justify the subjective decisions.

We offer only professionals


It is impossible to plan-build-implement any project without the participation of knowledge, patience and hands, which will bring everything to the end. Therefore, we choose individuals only with confirmed real experience.

How does the establishment of the clinic take place? The Team of the Medical Constructor arranges the communication of the input data between the customer and the executor and ensures the communication between the responsible persons for the successful achievement of the goals.

  • Strategic planning
  • Medical program
  • Concept-project
  • General designing
  • Supply
  1. Idea (business model)
  2. Resources and opportunities
  3. Range of services and level of complexity
  4. Key performance indicators for the project

Each project includes the time, money and valuable human resources. It is necessary to briefly describe the main investment objectives. These goals should be fair, and not those that can be considered as an “expected” response.

Thus, investment objectives should be about what should be achieved, rather than justifying subjective decisions.

Investment objectives should be used as a basis for evaluating project options.

Development of a medical program based on the idea and the resources of the Project’s customer, which, depending on the chosen range of services and the level of complexity, specialization of the medical institution, includes:

  • Requirements for personnel by specialty and qualifications, functional links;
  • Planning of necessary medical equipment (tools, furniture, consumables);
  • Logistics in a medical institution – transport routes for medicines, food, waste, supplies, etc.;
  • Standards for integration into the existing health system;
  • Standards of compliance with global trends in medical entrepreneurship;

A conceptual project that takes into account:

  • Development of the design and architecture of the medical institution in accordance with Ukrainian and international standards, the requirements of a comfortable and barrier-free environment, the latest environmental technologies for the preservation of the environment;
  • Plans for accommodation with the choice of land in accordance with the requirements, flows;
  • IT architecture and infrastructure;
  • Energy saving project, determine the optimal class of energy efficiency of the building in terms of payback period;
  • Schedule of the planned;
  • Obtaining permits for design, including technical conditions for construction;
  • Development of project documentation;
  • Ensuring the examination of project documentation in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine;
  • Control over the deviation of indicators from those planned at the Concept stage;

Procurement and Supply Management:

  • Analysis and selection of suppliers of medical equipment, its supply, installation, training on equipment, monitoring the state of technical and material resources;
  • Analysis of the qualifications of contractors, resources, control of work execution schedule and its quality;














Consulting, design, construction, equipment and re-conception healthcare facility in the private and public segment, in accordance with Ukrainian and international standards.

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